Kai A. Olsen

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  • Professor Høgskolen i Molde (HSM), Molde University College
  • Professor II Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)
  • Adjunct professor Department of Information Science, University of Pittsburgh.

  • Contact information:
  • Phone: (+47) 71 21 42 33
  • Cell phone/Mobile: (+47) 40287150
  • Fax: (+47) 71 21 41 00
  • Email: kai.olsen at himolde.no

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    Nyere artikler i aviser, m.m.
    Scientific articles 2011 and 2010 - titles only (full papers can be found in the respective databases):

    Reports, presentations:
  • A semantic proofreading tool for all languages based on a text repository (NIK 2010)
  • Can we order ships on the Internet?
  • Two cases of bad Web usability (UniTech 2010, Oslo)
  • Visualisering (04.09.06)

  • Some current references (scientific):
  • Formalizing Internet, Web and eBusiness Applications for the Real World, Scarecrow Press
  • Flexible User Interfaces for B2C Systems, Using Booking as a Case Study, HCI 2005, Las Vegas (with A. Malizia)
  • A $100,000 keying error, IEEE Computer, April, 2008
  • Computer intelligence, IEEE Computer, September, 2006
  • ERP for SMEs – is proprietary software an alternative?, to appear in Business Process Management Journal (with P. Sætre)
  • The devil is in the details. Why Telecommunication Back Office Operation Support Systems Fail, Case studies in Information Technology (with J.G. Williams)
  • Optimal and herustic solutions for a scheduling problem arising in a foundry, Computers & Operations Research, Volume 32, Issue 9 , September, 2005
  • Ideation Through Visualization:The Vibe System

  • Current references (other) Note! Titles may have been changed by editors:
  • Kronikk om ESS i Forskerforum
  • Rapport fra Civita om kvalitet i høyere utdanning, februar, 2006
  • Gratis lærebøker – må de koste så mye?, i Utdanning nr. 12, 2006
  • Digital moral, kronikk i Dagbladet 10.12.05 (med A. Berre)
  • Kvalitet i høyere utdanning, kronikk i Aftenposten 09.11.05
  • Flukten fra nyttige realfag, kronikk i Aftenposten 30.06.05
  • Åpne dører til høyere utdannelse?, kronikk i Aftenposten, 20.03.06
  • Giardia – hva om den var dødelig?, kronikk i Bergens Tidende 05.03.05
  • Matematikken – trenger vi den?, kronikk i Sunnmørsposten 07.01.05 (med S. Oshaug), kronikk i Bergens Tidende 05.03.05

  • Research interests:
  • Human-computer interaction: user interfaces, visual languages, visualization.
  • IT-strategy: system development, eBusiness
  • Logistics: customer-oriented production, generic products, variant handling, generic Bill of Material (BOM).
  • List of all scientific publications Aug 2012 (pdf-file)

    Teaching at UiB:
  • Inf 111, Funksjonell Web-design, HCI
  • Teaching at HSM:

  • Ibe 100, Funksjonell Web-design
  • Ibe 250, IT ledelse og IT strategi (IT Strategy)

  • Statement of current economic interests:
    Employment at Molde College, University of Bergen and OsloMet. Committee work from Østfold College and Bodø College. Consultant work for Oshaug Metall AS, ShipNor AS, Varme og Bad kjeden. Publishing of Tour Guides (Turbok Molde, Turbok Ålesund m.fl), survey and report for NHO reiseliv.
  • Mountaineering and hiking, see Tourguides: Turbok for Molde og Omegn; Turbok for Ålesund og Omegn; Turbok II for Molde og Omegn; Turbok for Kristiansund og Omegn; Skibok for Romsdal and Fjord hiking.

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