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Hans Fredrik Nordhaug

About me - Hans Fredrik Nordhaug

Education Ph.D. in applied mathematics. Graduated December 2001. Portrait
Position I no longer work at the college. See LinkedIn for current/prior positions.
Research interests Numerical analysis (fast advection solvers), reservoir mechanics, and network models (for multi phase flow in porous media). Is currently mostly interested in software development on the web, focusing on security and spam, and free and open source software (FOSS).
Projects Sjøportalen / "Sea portal", Smartrack, X2X Maritime.
Phone (+47) 71 21 42 31
(+47) 454 43 431
Room A-139
Skype hans.f.nordhaug@himolde.no
Google Scholar Visit my Google Scholar profile
PGP Public Key Use it for privacy.
Skype hans.f.nordhaug
Social services I'm hansfn on Diigo and on Twitter - follow if you like.
[ Celebrate 30 years of GNU! ] [FSF Associate Member]
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