A Chess Competition:

Team Lego versus Team Moomin & the Bionicle Brains


Team Descriptions:


Team Lego (the black team) is represented by
Gry (9 years old) and consists of

King = Harry Potter with a top hat (hp)

Queen = Egyptian Queen (eq)
(Note: We have no female Lego faces, but make due.)

Bishops 1 and 2 = monocle guys wearing white dome hats (rb1, rb2)

Knights (or horses) = Lego guys holding swords (ks1, ks2)

Rooks (castles) = Lego guys with racing driver helmets (rd1, rd2)

Pawns = Legos with mostly white zombie heads and no feet (zl)



Team Moomin/Bionicle (the white team) is represented by
Judith (the super competitive Mamma).

My experience with the Moomin characters is through reading both
Norwegian and English translations of the books by Tove Jansson.
If the names are different in Finnish, I do not know them.
But here I try to use the English names.

The Moomin/Bionicle Team consists of

King = Moomin Pappa (mp) (på norsk "Moomin" er Mummi.)

Queen = Moomin Mamma (mm)

Bishop at c1 = Snufkin (på norsk Snusmumrikken) (sn)

Bishop at f1 = Sniff (sf)

Knight at b1 = Snork Maiden (Snorkfrøken) (sm)

Knight at g1 = Little My (Lille My) (my)

Rook at a1 = Snorkin (brother to Snork Maiden has glasses) (sg)

Rook at h1= Moomintroll (Mummitroll) (mt)

Pawns = Bionicle brains of various colors (bb)


The teams meet for the first time.


Little My discusses strategy with Moomintroll.


Moomin Mamma thinks about afternoon tea and caring for Moomin Pappa.


Groke (Hufsa) looks on, at a safe distance for all.


It is a little bit tense before the battle.

And a little bit scary.


Start Table: 1

But finally the battle commences.

G1 -> G3

Table 2

G8(H) ->  F6

Table 3

F2 -> f3

Table 4

G7 -> g5

Table 5

B1(H) -> c3

Table 6

B8(H) -> c6

Table 7

A2 -> a3

Table 8

C6 (H) -> d4

Table 9

B2 -> b4

Table 10

D7 -> d6

Table 11

C3 –> a4

Table 12

C8 (B)-> e6

Table 13

C1(B) -> b2

Table 14

D8(Q) -> d7

Table 15

B2 x d4

Table 16

 Sometimes there was so much action and the photos came out blurry. :-)

Castling   K(b8)R(c8) (Rokade på norsk)
I think team Lego moved the pieces too far.
I think hp should be in c8 and rd1 in d8 for a long-castling.
But I was not sure, and this is what she did.

Table 17

A4 (H) -> b2

Table 18

F6 (H) -> d5

Table 19

G1 (H)-> h3

Table 20

B7 -> b6

Table 21

H3 (H) x g5

Table 22
The arrival of pizza has caused attentions to waiver.

f8 (B) -> h6

Table 23

G5 (H) x h7
After this move Team Moomin did not feel very smart.
It was obvious that “My” was in big trouble.

Table 24



b8 (K) -> a8
But,the last hit was perhaps too upsetting.
Team Lego ignored her Rook (racing-driver-lego)
and applied the next move.

Table 25

D4 (B) x h8
Resulting in more trouble.

Table 26



Team Moomin was not getting any pizza.

c8(R) x h8
And having had her fill, Team Lego took a real piece.

Table 27

c2 -> c4
“My” was still in trouble with racing-driver-rook.
Another distraction was needed.

Table 28

H8 -> g8
We thought Team Lego would move the knight “ks2”.
But she must be thinking of moving out her knight to center board,
because she still does not take “My”!!!

Table 29

C4 x d5
And because My is obviously invisible,
I take the knight.
Team Lego is now grumbling at me for taking all her pieces.

Table 30



g8 (R) -> g6   (hmm, Here comes "Speed Racer".)

Table 31

D5 x e6
Again, she is angry.

Table 32


f7 x e6

Table 33



d1 (Q) -> c2

Table 34

G6 (R) -> g5 (???)

Table 35

H2 -> h4
Team Moomin really wishes to move “My” to take the queen.
But Team Lego is so focused on driver-rook, we must line up a threat.

Table 36
She should at least move to G7, but lego-driver is going center.

G5 (R) -> d5

Table 37

H7 (H) -> f8
Now it is safe to move “My” and wait.

Table 38

D5 (R) -> d4
She is not sure what to do with driver-rook
now that he is in the center.

Table 39

F8 (K) x d7
“My” takes down the queen.

Table 40



d4 (R) x b4
Only desperation is left.

Table 41



a3 x b4

Table 42

e6 -> e5

Table 43

G3 -> g4

Table 44

D6 -> d5

Table 45

G4 -> g5

Table 46

She is not following any longer.
C7 -> c6

Table 47

G5 x h6

Table 48

d5 -> d4

Table 49

H6 -> h7

Table 50

A7 -> a6

Table 51

H7 -> h8
Pawn becomes a queen.  King is in check.

Table 52



a8 (K) -> b7

Table 53
But, this is still going to take a while...

H8(Q) -> h7

Table 54

E7 -> e6

Table 55

D7 x E5

Table 56

B7 (K) -> c8

Table 57

E5 (K) x c6

Table 58

E6 -> e5

Table 59

B2 (K) -> a4

Table 60

B6 -> b5

Table 61

A4 -> b6 
Finally... check mate.

Table 62


Gry says it is my fault that I picked the Moomin Team.
I think it was too hard for the Lego team
to remember what her pieces were suppose to be.

But Gry says it was a little fun to play with Lego bricks.

Judith always tries (and likes) to win. :-)
We talk about our chess mistakes later.

Judith Molka-Danielsen