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Professor in Quantitative Logistics
Molde University College
P.O.Box 2110, 6402 Molde, Norway
Telephone: +47 71 21 42 02
Mobile phone: +47 91 13 14 10

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·         LOG500 Management Models and Operations Analysis

·         LOG722 Inventory Management

·         LOG530 Distribution Planning


·         LOG733 Exact Optimization Methods in Logistics

·         LOG502 Management Models in Logistics

·         LOG703 Models for Inventory and Production Management II

·         IN305 Cisco Networking Academy Program

·         IN151 Programming in Practice

·         IN215 Interactive System Design

·         IN160 Advanced Programming

·         IN150 Programming

·         IN210 Object Oriented Programming


Research interests:

Papers/Technical Reports:


·         Martí, R., Campos, V., Hoff, A., Peiró, J. (2018). Heuristics for the Min-Max Arc Crossing Problem in Graphs. Expert Systems with Applications 109, 100-113.


·         Engelseth, P., Karlsen, I. V., Huang, S., Hoff, A. (2018).

The Value Aspect of Reallocating Seafood Freight from Road to Sea Transport. In Egilmez, G. (ed). Agricultural Value Chain, 59-80. IntechOpen.


·         Pasha, U., Hoff, A., Hvattum, L. M. (2018).

The multi-period fleet size and mix vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands. In Diez, P., Neittaanmäki, P., Ruovinen, E., Bräysy, O. (eds). Computational Methods and Models for Transport, volume 45 of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 121-146. Springer International Publishing.


·         Colmenar, J. M., Hoff, A., Martí, R, Duarte, A. (2018).

Scatter Search for the Bi-criteria p-median p-dispersion problem. Progress in Artificial Intelligence 7 (1), 31-40.


·         Hoff, A., Peiró J., Corberán, A., Martí, R. (2017).

Heuristics for the Capacitated Modular Hub Location Problem. Computers & Operations Research 86, 94-109.


·         Pasha, U., Hoff, A., Hvattum, L. M. (2016).

Simple Heuristics for the Multi-Period Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem. INFOR 54(2), 97-120.


·         Pasha, U., Hoff, A., Løkketangen, A. (2014).

A Hybrid Approach for Milk Collection using Trucks and Trailers. Annals of Management Science 3 (1), 87-110.


The Shrinking and Expanding Heuristic for the Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem. Communications – Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina, No.1 2013, 6-13.


Industrial aspects and literature survey: Fleet composition and routing. Computers & Operations Research 37 (12), 2041-2061.


Industrial aspects and literature survey: Combined inventory management and routing. Computers & Operations Research 37 (9), 1515-1536.


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Valencia, Spain

Brno, Czech Republic

Minsk, Belarus

Malaga, Spain

Molde, Norway

Molde, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Marrakech, Morocco

Vilnius, Lithuania

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