Kamimo Education Islands

Welcome to a collaborative development by three universities within Second Life:
Kalmar University College, Sweden,
University of Central Missouri, USA.
Molde University College,Norway,

Sponsored by Norgesuniversitetet, NUV, 2007

Through a one year project sponsored by The Norwegian University program (Norgesuniversitetet, NUV website: http://norgesuniversitetet.no ) a virtual platform for life long learning will be co-developed by Molde University College (Norway), Kalmar University College (Sweden) and the University of Central Missouri (USA) using the virtual technology environment of Second Life (SL) Second Life is a 3D world and virtual community where the constructs of the world are built by its members.

Two virtual islands 'Kamimo Island' and 'Virtual Montmartre' were purchased in SL on June 16th, 2007. They are established as processing space on servers resulting in virtual real estate in Second Life that adheres to the partner organizations. The three colleges have outsourced the design and build of the virtual buildings and virtual classroom spaces on these islands. A Canadian firm called Pleiades is responsible for the builds on Virtual Montmartre. The Norwegian firm Design Container is responsible for the builds of Kamimo Education Island. The islands will be open to visitors on September 21st, 2007.

The Project Goals:

The project will support learning activities for different segments of the partner organizations real life student populations as well as allow for cross communication between the student bodies. Supported learning activities will include: contributions from software developer groups at Kalmar in the design of the island, advising and support of doctoral and experienced based masters students, and implementation of a Pilot course in Social English. The course will be presented using a blended learning approach where the intial meeting will take place on Maratech Conferencing software, followed by 4 in-world session in SL.

Evaluation Goals

We propose future research will enable us to explore a broader spectrum of applications for edcuation in SL including courses for information technology majors, and further integration and testing of the virtual world elements for learning, and for support of learning and communication between groups within the business sector, such as the use of SL in support of Communities of Practise.

Contact Information:

Alastair Creelman (alastair.creelman at hik.se)
David Richardson (david.richardson at hik.se)

Bryan Carter (bc7 at mac.com)

Judith Molka-Danielsen (j.molka-danielsen at himolde.no)
Bjørn Jæger (bjorn.jager at himolde.no)
Another summary: Kamimo Islands webpage at Molde University College