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Kjetil K. Haugen is 62 years old (born 1959), living in Molde, Norway.  He is a professor of Logistics and Sport Management at Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics. Haugen holds a PhD in Management Science from the Norwegian Institute of Technology from 1991. He achieved a (full) professorship in Logistics in 2005 and (full) professorship in Sport Management in 2011. Lately, his research interests have moved from operations management-/logistics into sports economics/strategy. His main interest has been game theory applied in football, both as a tool to understand football economics as well as the game itself. Professor Haugen has published in Journals such as Public Choice, EJOR, Annals of Regional Science, Scientometrics, INTERFACES, PLoS ONE, Journal of Sports Economics, European Sport Management Quarterly, Sport Management Review and Sport in Society among others. He is a massive supporter of Molde Football Club.

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